Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth

Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth
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26 March 2012

Why Julie had to make do with George's autograph...

The Beatles leave Bournemouth the morning after playing the 
Winter Gardens - en route to Coventry, 17 November 1963

Even though it is six months since Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth was published, new stories continue to come to light. People's memories of the time they saw The Beatles live and in the flesh know no bounds and the more the book is talked about the more stories come to the surface. Deep joy!
There will be many more to come, but for now enjoy this letter I received from Julie Snow... 
"My friend and I went to one of the Gaumont concerts on 24 August 1963 with my brother, Ashley Thorne, who was seven years older than me. I was only 12 at the time. Ashley went backstage and came back with George's autograph for me, although Paul was my favourite.
My overwhelming memory of the concert was the deafening screams of the audience. Most of the girls, myself included, were nearly hysterical. It was the height of Beatlemania and we couldn't believe we were seeing our heroes. I remember She Loves You had just been released and I'm pretty sure it was the final song of the concert. In the following weeks A Hard Day's Night was also released and we went to see it several times.  
We even cried and screamed in the cinema! Crazy times.
Sadly my brother died four years ago so I can't ask him how he actually got the autograph but I'm pretty sure he went in the interval and not after the show. At the time he was always out and about in Bournemouth, a keen ice dancer at the Westover Ice Rink, and the sort who could blag his way into most situations.
I was really sorry to miss the launch night of the exhibition as I was ill at the time. I was given your a copy of your book for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it. 
I'm just sorry Ashley is not around as I'm certain he would have known many of the people featured in it."
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12 March 2012

Meeting the Beatles

The response of the wider Beatles community to Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth continues to amaze everyone involved - and even the greatest fans of the Fab Four seem to be surprised at the links between the group and the town.
But for all those unique connections, many observers have noted the real guts of the story is the one aspect Bournemouth shares with countless other towns and cities the world over - the effect The Beatles had on a generation of fans and the townsfolk at large.
There's an endlessly fascinating blog called Meet The Beatles For Real in which fans from all over the world send in their snaps of the Fabs at work, rest and play along with stories of how they met the boys. It's pure social documentary, real window-on-the-world stuff. 
Naturally, they found plenty to interest them in the pages of Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth. Read the full review here.
Incidentally, if anyone knows the identify of this girl in Harry Taylor's photo of Paul and Ringo at the press reception in the Palace Court Hotel in Bournemouth, probably on 20 August 1963, then please get in touch.
Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth can be ordered here, as can a selection of rare photos from the book.

8 March 2012

Beatles blog: 'none but positive observations'

The always fascinating Hey Dullblog, the blog for 'people who think about The Beatles maybe a little too much' served up some precision criticism, general praise and lashings of goodwill in its assessment of Yeah Yeah Yeah; The Beatles & Bournemouth.
You can read the full review here in which writer Devin McKinney says the book 'is certainly justified by the frequency of Bournemouth recurrences in the Beatles’ chronicle', noting that the photos are 'without exception wonderful, especially those with Beatles in them'.
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5 March 2012

Yeah Yeah Yeah: (Bootleg) Beatles & Bournemouth!

The Bootleg Beatles, the world’s leading Beatles band, is taking the book on tour!
In a wonderfully generous show of support, the Pre Fab Four will be offering copies of Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth for sale from the band’s merchandise stand on their 20-date tour of the UK which opens on Thursday at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend and continues until 31 March at The Hexagon in Reading.
Nick Churchill will be on hand to sign copies of the book on Saturday, 10 March at the Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth – opposite the Odeon cinema, formerly known as the Gaumont where The Beatles 16 shows between August 1963 and October 1964 – more than in any other UK theatre outside of London.
Also opposite is Bournemouth’s Premier Inn, once know as the Palace Court Hotel where Robert Freeman photographed The Beatles for the With The Beatles LP sleeve.
If you can't get to a Bootleg Beatles show you can order copies of Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth from the book's official website.