Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth

Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth
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16 February 2013

From Bournemouth with love: George's first ever song for The Beatles

George Harrison would have been 69 years old on 25 February and to mark the anniversary of his birth we thought we'd direct you to Happy Nat's ever-engaging Beatle Rarity of the Week in which he discusses George writing Don't Bother Me, his first Beatles song.
It was August 1963 and as we know The Beatles were ensconced in Bournemouth on a six-day summer season at the Gaumont Theatre on Westover Road. They were staying at the Palace Court Hotel next door and on the Saturday, the day after She Loves You had been released, while the others were engaged in press duties in the hotel lounge, Brian Epstein sent George to his room to nurse a heavy cold.Previously encouraged by Merseybeat editor Bill Harry, who was with the boys that week, to write his own songs and finding himself holed up with only a reel-to-reel tape recorder that had been given to him by John Lennon for company, he picked up his guitar and started strumming. Out of the coughs, splutters, whistles and hums emerged a ditty he called Don't Bother Me
It wasn't his best song, indeed years later he pretty much disowned it in his autobiography, but it was his first.
Anyway, have a listen here
Helpfully Nat also includes takes 10-13 recorded at Abbey Road on September 12.
:: The photo of George top right was taken by Harry Taylor (copyright Dave Robinson) on the balcony of the Palace Court Hotel, probably on 20 August 1963. 
:: The photo below was taken by Sandie Taylor (copyright Dave Robinson) at the Palace Court Hotel, Bournemouth on 19 August 1963 at a birthday reception for Billy J Kramer. 
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