Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth

Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth
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9 December 2011

The Beatles Rarity review

The estimable Happy Nat, owner of The Beatles Rarity website, has kindly given Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth a great big Macca-style thumbs up with this splendid review. Cheers!
The Beatles Rarity features all manner of Fab Four curios and is currently hosting a wonderfully raw version of John's Gimme Some Truth from the 1971 Imagine album sessions. It also
Here's what he says...

If you happen to be looking for a unique holiday gift for any avid Beatlemaniacs in your life, then allow me a suggestion. Back in June (2011) I made a brief post about Nick Churchill’s upcoming book Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, The Beatles & Bournemouth, which was released back in September (2011). Now, after having a chance to actually read through the book, it comes across not only as a great holiday gift idea, but an entertaining read for any occasion.
Bournemouth, as I’m sure many reading already know, is a resort town on the southern coast of England. But did you also know that there are so many historical events that link The Beatles to this beautiful settlement in the British county of Dorset?
As pointed out on the back cover of the book, The Beatles played more theater shows at the Bournemouth Gaumont (16, in all) than any other concert venue in the U.K. outside of London, and a taping of one of their shows there is the earliest known recording of a theater performance by the group. A gig at Bournemouth’s Winter Gardens Theater on November 16, 1963 was the source of footage used by all three U.S. television networks covering the new “Beatlemania” craze in Europe. The resulting Nov. 21st telecast predated the Beatles’ Ed Sullivan Show appearance by two and a half months. The famous cover art photo used on the With The Beatles album was taken in Bournemouth by Robert Freeman in 1963. George Harrison’s first Beatles song, “Don’t Bother Me” was written while staying in Bournemouth. And, believe it or not, the story told in the 1969 Beatles single “The Ballad of John and Yoko” began while John was traveling to Mimi’s house where he ended up “standing in the dock at Southampton”.
John Lennon, was a regular visitor to Bournemouth after buying his Aunt Mimi a home in the area. Nick has shared with me that he has had very positive feedback about the wonderful photo in his book of John, with baby Julian and Aunt Mimi. It was shot by the ferry, near Mimi’s Bournemouth home in 1967. Additionally, there are around 200 previously unpublished photographs of The Beatles during their visits to Bournemouth, John’s gold discs displayed from inside Mimi’s house, and other rare images.
The book also features a foreword written by Howie Casey (of Howie & the Seniors). Howie, originally from Liverpool and a log-time friend of Paul McCartney’s, played with Paul’s band Wings in the 1970s and has lived in Bournemouth since coming off the ill-fated 1980 Wings tour. He shares his memories of seeing the Silver Beetles in Liverpool and how they had improved by the time they arrived in Hamburg a few months later.
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